5 Steps to track your progress

Many people track their progress based on their weight; especially those trying to lose weight. However, this is not always the best method to use to track your progress, no matter what your health goal may be. The best way to track our progress; whether it’s starting a new eating-plan or training program, is to use multiple methods and make sure they remain accurate. Here are a few things you can do to monitor your progress a bit better.





  1. Take measurements:

Taking measurements is always a good way to track your progress, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight. Some people actually lose cm’s faster than kilograms. Use a measuring tape and measure:

-The centre of the right bicep

-The middle of the chest/bust


-Abdomen (this is the area between the hips and waist)


-The right thigh

When taking your measurements, ensure the measuring tape is straight all the way around the area you are measuring; and that you measure in the same place every time your measurements are taken. This will help ensure more accurate results. ONLY take measurements once a week, at the same time of the day.



  1. Take photo’s

Taking photo’s is probably my favourite way to record progress; it is one of the biggest motivators to stay on track. I say this, because you physically see your body changing, seeing that change sets your mind on a path that’s hard to get off! Now, I’m not saying take a photo every day, it should be the same as taking weight and measurements; it should only be taken once a week. Using this method, you physically see the changes for yourself; and you’re less likely to fall off track, as it helps you stay in a positive mind frame.





  1. Changes in how your clothes fit:


This one may take a bit longer to start noticing, most people lose weight in their abdominal region the slowest. So, when using this method take note of your pants becoming loser around your thigh

s first and then your hips; and around your arms, bust and waist then your lower stomach region. If you are exercising this will occur faster; with weight training your clothes will actually become tighter in the thigh and bum area and arm area, but looser

around the stomach region.






  1. Weighing in:


This is the most used method to track progress, although it may seem simple it’s often not done

correctly. You should only weigh yourself ONCE a week, and it should be in the morning before breakfast, either with no clothing or minimal clothing.





  1. How do you feel? :

You might not see the physical changes as soon as you like, another way to monitor progress is how you feel. If you are progressing you should notice improved energy levels, restful sleep, reduced cravings and improved performance at work, and the gym or exercise. You should find you are less prone to getting ill. Your overall health should be improving.


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