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Hi, I am Michaela Lotz

I am a 22-year-old nutritionist. I hold a BSC. Degree in nutrition, and I am a business owner, food lover and fitness fanatic. I started my Guilt Free Lifestyle at the age of 15, I gained a lot of weight when a hit puberty, I could not stand to look at myself, and became depressed and extremely self-conscious. The fact is that I love food, so starving myself or going on dal, tasteless diet was not an option.

I approached my dad, who lived an active life and was well read as far as nutrition and good food was concerned (he researched everything!). The first bit of advice he gave me was; ‘’in order to follow a sustainable eating plan you must make sure the food tastes great.’’ Getting in to a training regiment was difficult in the beginning, but I persevered and soon I started loving it. I wasn’t allowed to weigh or measure myself for the first two weeks. I didn’t understand why my dad did this but after the first two weeks, when we did my body assessment, I almost jumped out of my skin. I could not believe how much weight and centimetres I had lost. After that, nutrition and exercise became my passion, it motivated me to carry on and stay on a healthy track. I knew then and there what I was going to do for the rest of my life. To be honest, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, a Guilt Free lifestyle, is not that difficult, once you get around all your bad habits, built up over years, and brake through all the bad advice on how to lose weight and all the myths about certain foods and quick weight loss scams.

What is the Guilt Free Life Style?

Guilt Free is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. I believe in a well-balanced eating plan with great tasting, no fuss easy to prepare, affordable food, balanced out with an exercise routine that you will enjoy as an individual. Before you say “I don’t have time or money to join a gym” let me assure you, in the coming weeks I’m going to go through two routines developed and researched in the Mayo Clinic and the University if Birmingham, ( ) that will make you think, that there is no way that something so simple, can make such a big difference. The Guilt Free Lifestyle doesn’t just promote feeling good with what you see on the outside but being healthy on the inside so that it shows on the outside. People that follow healthy lifestyle habits have proven to be happier and enjoy life more!

Eating plans to suit your individual needs

Every person’s nutritional and exercise needs are unique. From the amount of weight, you need to shed, to your lifestyle, to your eating habits. The problems with most diets are, they don’t take years of bad eating habits and emotional needs in to consideration.  Most balanced diets are developed with the best intensions but very seldom take in to consideration years and years of bad eating habits that ultimately leads to uncontrollable cravings. I will be giving tips on how to overcome and adapt to your new eating plan and lifestyle. I will be sharing useful tips and information on how to overcome these habits; and helping you along your journey towards a Guilt Free Lifestyle.

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